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bulk deicing products 

Bulk Deicing Products for Landscaping and Maintenance Contractors

serving PA, NJ, NY, MD, VA, Washington D.C.

Bulk Deicing

Bulk Rock Salt

Bagged Winter Ice Melt Product
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Chemical Equipment Labs is in the process of quoting our contractor customers for the upcoming winter season. 

We supply contractors in the Tri-State Area ( Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and surrounding areas) with bulk deicing and bagged ice melt products.

Bulk rock salt, as well as both bulk and bagged calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride and additional mixes and blends to meet your ice melt needs. All are available in flake and pellet.

Chemical Equipment Labs, Inc. caters to contractors not municipalities. 99% of our bulk deliveries will be dropped at your location within 24 hours of your order. We know and understand that forecasts are not always accurate - creating indecision when ordering. You can count on Chemical Equipment Labs, Inc. to ensure reliable delivery for all of your orders - early or last minute.

Bulk Rock Salt is stored at multiple locations, enabling us to rapidly deliver bulk ice melt products across a wide area. Our bulk rock salt depots are located at; Wilmington DE, Reading PA, York PA, Port Newark NJ and Baltimore MD. All bulk deicing products are dispatched from our warehouse located in Marcus Hook PA.

From our warehouse we supply bulk deicing and bagged ice melt products. Pick up or delivery - by the pallet full or mixed truck loads.

During storms we will remain open around the clock to make sure you are supplied with the bulk deicing products you and your customers need.

Call today to set up an account and become a Premium Customer.

Finally, a bulk deicing and ice melt supplier you can count on - our business is keeping you supplied.

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